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Acupuncture has been around for over 2500 years. It has spread from China to neighboring Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea and onwards from there.

When we think of Acupuncture, we think of needles and pain relief. But it is more than that. Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which the practitioner looks at the entire patient, taking not only a thorough history but also assessing tongue and pulse. From this, the overall pattern of illness is determined. So even if a patient presents originally for limping, the patient is treated for the underlying problem that caused the limping, the weakness in the tendons, the arthritic bone spurs being formed and the constant fatigue associated with this.

Acupuncture can treat more than just pain, however. It can strengthen the immune system to help fight skin disease, autoimmune disease, and slow down the progression of renal disease or other metabolic diseases. It is often combined with herbs or massage and works well with Western medicine. Not every patient responds immediately. It can take up to eight treatments before more deep seeded changes are seen. But there are always changes. For patients that do not do well with needles, we have the option of using cold laser instead. Our pets never cease to surprise us with how well they do with alternative therapies. The practitioner can discuss points to be stimulated at home or massage techniques that will benefit the patient.

Nutrition is a key factor in overall health. The energetics of food contribute to healing on a constant and significant level. Depending on the pattern of illness, effective diet changes can be recommended for deep seeded improvement. Whether your pet receives acupuncture alone or a combination of therapies, it will certainly benefit from the treatment.

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